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Unions fight for zero AIDS
in the workplace

Unions and AIDS

The International AIDS conference is taking place in Melbourne Australia, July 20 to 25, 2014. Unions are at the forefront of the fight against AIDS in the workplace.
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Feature Length Audio Documentaries


International Justice Day for
Cleaners and Security Guards

Cleaners - Guards

International Justice Day for Cleaners and Security Guards. The day of action is organized by UNI - the global union for skills and services.
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Global education union holds
World Womens' Conference

EI Women's Conference

Education International organized its second World Women's Conference in Dublin, Ireland. Participants focussed on how education can be used to reduce inequality in society.
Duration: 5'00"     Audio

Unite for Quality Education

Unite for Quality Education Education International - the global union federation for teachers and other education workers - is campaigning for quality education around the world. EI is mobilizing its 30 million teachers in 170 countries and territories to convince governments that education is the key to a better world. This RadioLabour special audio documentary looks at the campaign. 25'00"    Audio Documentary


ITUC says migrant workers in Qatar being shamefully mistreated

Construction workers Dubai More than a million migrant workers are in Qatar building the facilties for the 2022 World Cup of Football. They work and live in slave-like conditions. ITUC General-Secretary Sharon Burrow visited the country recently to lobby on behalf of the workers. Audio

Global union support for organizing Nissan workers in US

Jyrki Raina In America the United Auto Workers union - the UAW - has been working on organizing workers at the Nissan automobile plant in the state of Mississippi. The organizing drive is being supported at the international level by the global union Industriall. An interview with Industriall General-Secretary Jyrki Raina. Audio

A million migrant workers
live in slave-like conditions
in Qatar

Qatar The Building and Woodworkers International global union (BWI) sent a delegation to Qatar to investigate the conditions of migrant workers in the country. A RadioLabour report featuring the General-Secretary of BWI, Ambet Yuson.
Duration: 8'58"     Audio

Labour fights for
release of unionist
falsely imprisoned in Colombia

Ballesteros Huber Ballesteros, one of Colombia's most recognized unionists, was arrested in August for leading mass strikes. The international labour movement is organizing a global campaign for his release.
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ILO launches new campaign
to eliminate child labour

Child Labour In Brazil, October 8-10, more than 500 people, including many unionists, from 150 countries met to discuss child labour in the world. The International Labour Organization used the occasion to announce a new campaign to eliminate the worst forms of child labour. The campaign includes celebrities such as the American actor and singer, Cher.
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Child labour declines globally
but not fast enough for ILO goals

Child Labour The International Labour Organization (ILO) has released a report showing that child labour globally is declining. But the decline is not fast enough to meet the ILO's goal of eliminating child labour by 2016.
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Few companies attend meetings
to compensate Bangladesh
garment worker families

Garment workers A meeting to arrange compensation payments to the families of the victims of the Rana Plaza and Tazreen disasters was attended by only 11 of the 29 companies invited.
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Nurses in 17 countries rally
to demand Robin Hood tax

Nurses Nurses around the world on Tuesday September 18 marched to demand the implementation of the Robin Hood tax: a financial transaction tax on international monetary flows.
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International Domestic Workers Network wins AFL-CIO
human rights award in US

IDWN The president of the largest labour federation in the US, Richard Trumka, presented the George Meany-Lane Kirkland Human Rights Award to the International Domestic Workers Network on September 8. A RadioLabour report featuring Myrtle Witbooi the Chair of the IDWN.
Duration: 11'22"     Audio

Labour's plan to tackle
global unemployment

Labour Day The leaders of the G20 group of countries met in St. Petersburg, Russia, September 5 and 6 to discuss the world's economy. Labour representatives told the leaders to focus on jobs and presented a three-point strategy. A RadioLabour report featuring John Evans, the General-Secretary of the Trade Union Advisory Committee to the OECD.
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500,000 public sector workers
in Peru losing right to bargain

Peru workers The government of Peru is introducing legislation to cancel the collective bargaining rights of 500,000 public sector workers.
Duration: 3'48"     Audio fights union
in Germany

Amazon The online retailer Amazon is trying to bring American anti-union practices to Germany.
Duration: 3'48"     Audio

Even more union leaders
killed in Guatemala

Guatemala killings The global union federation Public Services International has sent a delegation to Guatemala to help stop the murdering of unionists. A RadioLabour interview with a union leader who was wounded.
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Millions of migrant workers need
UN and ILO help now

Migrant workers Because of the global economic crisis, millions of workers in both developing and developed countries are migrating in search of decent work. A RadioLabour report featuring Ambet Yuson, the Chairperson of the Council of Global Unions and General-Secretary of the Building and Wood Workers' International (the BWI).
Duration: 7'50"     Audio

Swaziland's dictator-king
rejects labour federation

Swaziland Swaziland, which is ruled by a dictator-king refuses to legally recognize the country's only labour federation, the Trade Union Congress of Swaziland (TUCOSWA). The global union federation Public Services International (PSI) has started an online campaign in support of TUCOSWA
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How multinationals
evade responsibility for
treating workers fairly

PepsiCo workers fired In West Bengal, India, warehouses working exclusively for PepsiCo have fired 162 employees for trying to form a union. PepsiCo refuses responsibility. Duration: 5' 35"     Audio

Africans need and deserve
free education

OATUU To develop themselves and their countries Africans need free education. This should be part of the UN's Post-2015 Agenda. A RadioLabour interview with Owei Lakemfa, the Secretary-General of the Organization of African Trade Union Unity - OATUU
Duration: 3' 51" Audio

East African unions working
together for decent work

EATUC The East African Trade Union Confederation is a coalition of labour organizations from Kenya, Uganda, Zanzibar, Rwanda and Tanzania. It fights for issues such as the protection of migrant workers. A RadioLabour interview with Francis Atwoli, the president of the Confederation.
Duration: 4' 48" Audio

Money stolen by corruption
could be used to fund
public services

Anti-corruption Every year about $2.6 trillion is stolen by corruption. This money could be used to fund decent public services and help developing countries. Duration: 4' 03" Audio

The world's workers
need a wage increase

UNI at ILO Conference The General-Secretary of the global union federation UNI, Philip Jennings, told delegates attending the 2013 ILO Conference in Geneva that the world's workers need a wage increase.
Duration: 5' 41" Audio

There are 21 million
trapped in forced labour

Forced labour Forced labour includes debt bondage, trafficking and other forms of modern slavery. A RadioLabour report with Beate Andrees, Head of the ILO's Special Action Programme to Combat Forced Labour
Duration: 2' 59" Audio

Self-policing by garment companies
is ineffective and dangerous

Self-auditing by corporations Self-auditing of supply chains by multinational garment manufacturers and retailers doesn't help workers. Schemes such as Corporate Social Responsibility serve only company interests. A RadioLabour report on corporate auditing programmes with Brian Finnegan, Global Rights Coordinator, AFL-CIO.
Duration: 4' 18" Audio

Unions and collective bargaining
build quality public services

PSI at ILO Conference The International Labour Organization - the ILO - is holding its 102 Convention in Geneva from June 5 to 20. One of the labour organizations represented at the Conference is Public Services International - the PSI. A RadioLabour interview with Rosa Pavanelli PSI General-Secretary.
Duration: 8' 03" Audio

Environment for union organizing
becoming more difficult

ILO Conference It is getting more difficult to organize working people into unions. But the International Labour Oranization can help unions do their work more effectively. A RadioLabour report with Luc Cortebeeck, Chairperson of the Workers' Group of the ILO
Duration: 2' 40" Audio

Global food workers' union
campaigns to reinstate
fired Egyptian union organizers

Bangladesh When workers at the Mondelez-Cadbury plant in Alexandria, Egypt, tried to organize a union the company fired five union organizers. The International Union of Food Workers (IUF) is campaigning to re-instate the workers. A RadioLabour report with IUF General-Secretary Ron Oswald.
Duration: 5' 58" Audio

New Bangladesh labour law
woefully inadequate

Bangladesh As the result of a factory collapse that killed 1,100 garment workers Bangladesh has drafted a new labour law. A RadioLabour interview with Jeffrey Vogt, a legal advisor in the Human and Trade Union Rights Department of the International Trade Union Confederation - the ITUC.
Duration: 4' 06" Audio

International labour demands
re-vote on Qatar's holding of the
2022 World Cup of Football

Qatar The International Trade Union Confederation - the ITUC - wants a re-vote on Qatar's holding of the World Cup of Football in 2022. It says Qatar is mistreating the workers who are constructing the buildings for the event. A RadioLabour report with ITUC General-Secretary Sharan Burrow..
Duration: 4' 06" Audio

Labour's economic analysis body
tells OECD ministers
austerity is not working

OECD The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) is holding a Ministerial Council Meeting in Paris, May 29 to 30, 2013. Labour organizations held a media conference before the start of the meeting. A RadioLabour report with John Evans, the General-Secretary of the Trade Union Advisory Committee(TUAC)of the OECD
Duration: 5' 51" Audio

ITUC demands OECD focus on
jobs, jobs, jobs

OECD The OECD is holding a Ministerial Council Meeting in Paris, May 29 to 30, 2013. A RadioLabour report with the General-Secretary of the International Trade Union Confederation, Sharan Burrow
Duration: 4' 42" Audio

America's AFL-CIO wants
the OECD to invest in jobs

Dubai strike The OECD is holding a Ministerial Council Meeting in Paris, May 29 to 30, 2013. A RadioLabour report with the President of the AFL-CIO in the United States, Richard Trumka
Duration: 5' 19" Audio

The Canadian Labour Congress call on the OECD to concentrate on global employment

Dubai strike The OECD is holding a Ministerial Council Meeting in Paris, May 29 to 30, 2013. A RadioLabour report with the President of the Canadian Labour Congress, Ken Georgetti
Duration: 1' 55" Audio

Police break strike
of migrant construction workers
in Dubai

Dubai strike Thousands of construction workers in Dubai went on strike Sunday May 19. Four days later police raided their labour camp and broke the strike. 200 are to be deported.
Duration: 1' 55" Audio

Columbia should stop killings of unionists before membership

Charlie Lennon, EI Columbia, the most dangerous country in the world for unionists, is petitioning for membership in the OECD. Labour objects. A RadioLabour interview with John Evans, the General-Secretary of TUAC - the Trade Union Advisory Committee to the OECD.
Duration: 2' 37" Audio

Walmart and Gap refuse to sign Bangladesh safety accord

Charlie Lennon, EI The global unions IndustriALL and UNI have led negotiations with garment multinationals for a fire and safety code for Bangladeshi factories. Twenty-four companies signed. Walmart and Gap refused. A RadioLabour report featuring Philip Jennings, General-Secretary of UNI and Jyrki Raina, IndustriALL General-Secretary. Duration: 5' 0" Audio

Labour's global campaign for quality education

Charlie Lennon, EI Education International is organizing a global campaign to support quality education. EI is the global union federation which represents teachers and their unions at the world level. A RadioLabour interview with a Deputy General-Secretary of EI, Charlie Lennon. Duration: 6' 46" Audio

The attack on collective bargaining
by the International Monetary Fund

Sharan Burrow, ITUC The International Monetary Fund has been attacking collective bargaining as part of its programme to force austerity progammes on governments. A RadioLabour interview with the General-Secretary of the ITUC, Sharan Burrow. Duration: 9' 05" Audio

US retailers refuse to compensate
victims of Bangladesh garment factory fire

Compensation In Bangladesh in 2012 122 workers died in a fire in a garment factory. Many of the companies who had garments made in the factory are compensating the victims familes. But US retailers WalMart and Sears are refusing. Duration: 2' 11" Audio

Slaves working 16 hour days
found in Argentinian sweatshop

Argentina workers A report by the labour rights group La Almeda in Argentinian prompted police to raid a factory making clothes for the fashion company Zara. They found workers, including children, working as slaves. Duration: 4' 11" Audio

Filipino teachers in America win $4.5 million court case

Filipino teacher With the help of the American Federation of Teachers 350 Filipino teachers working in the US have won a major court battle in their fight for justice. Audio

Fighting for the world's 1.5 million seafarers

Seafarers 1.5 million seafarers help transport 90% of the world's goods on 53,000 ships. They often work in unsafe conditions for low wages. Audio

New ILO report says domestic workers work excessively long hours per week

Domeestic workers A new ILO study shows that domestic workers work many more hours during the week than other workers and many do not get any days off. Audio

Human trafficking of workers into slavery and bonded labour

Trafficked workers Human trafficking into slavery or bonded labour effects two million workers a year. Labour trafficking has now overtaken even trafficking of women and girls for sexual exploitation. Audio

Labour wants protection from Walmart for small suppliers in South Africa

Walmart Walmart's takeover of a large retailer in South Africa has been approved. But labour bodies are concerned that small suppliers and workers will lose out. Audio

Teacher unions promoting the rights of workers globally

Teachers The American Federation of Teachers and the global union federation Education International have partnered to enable teachers in Egypt, Georgia, Honduras and Zimbabwe to promote workers' rights. Audio

Government austerity programmes extending the recession

Jennings Austerity programmes are worsening the global economic crisis. Phillip Jennings, the General-Secretary of UNI, the global union federation for skills and services, says business and government leaders should work with labour unions to solve the crisis. Audio

Unions working internationally to unionize T-Mobile workers in US

T-Mobile T-Mobile is a tele-
communications company in the US owned by a German multinational. A cross-Atlantic coalition is trying to unionize its 20,000 workers. Audio


Unions organize
against HIV/AIDS

HIV/AIDS December 2, 2013 was World's AIDS Day. Unions are at the forefront of the fight against HIV/AIDS by working for confidential testing and counselling.
Duration: 3'13"     Audio

Unions in the Philippines
ask for typhoon relief donations

Philippines appeal A major typhoon hit parts of the Philippines soon after an earthquake. Thousands are injured or dead. Millions have been displaced from their homes. The unions in the Philippines are calling for donations to help their members recover. A special RadioLabour report.
Duration: 3'13"     Audio

International Day for the
Elimination of Violence
Against Women

Violence against women Monday November 25 was the 2013 International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. A special RadioLabour report.
Duration: 4'05"     Audio

Unions and NGOs walk out
of UN climate change conference

Climate Sharan Burrow, the General-Secretary of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC), leads the union delegates out of the UN Conference on Climate Change held in Warsaw, Poland, November 11-22.
Duration: 9'26"     Audio

Philippine Airline workers
win their jobs back

Philippines In August 2011 2,600 employees of Philippines Airlines were fired when the airline contracted out their jobs. But after a long struggle by their union PALEA and the support of the international labour movement they were able to get their jobs back in November 2013.
Duration: 12'23"     Audio

Struggling for democracy in Swaziland

Swaziland Swaziland, with some of the poorest people in the world, is ruled as a dictatorship by the last absolute monarch in Africa, King Mswati III. Trade unions and other groups are leading the struggle for democracy in the country.
Duration: 12'23"     Audio

Millions of child labourers
desperately need help

Child labour In Brazil in October 2013 more than 1,400 delegates met to discuss the plight of the world's 168 million child labourers. About 120 of the delegates were trade unionists.
Duration: 5'57"     Audio

Unions are working
towards green workplaces

US Organizing Unions are organizing to develop environmentally sustainable economies and green jobs. A RadioLabour report of a climate change conference held by the Trades Union Congress-UK, October 21, 2013.
Duration: 6'00"     Audio

US labour movement to organize thousands more workers

US Organizing The American labour movement - led by the AFL-CIO - is supporting new organizing initiatives designed to bring thousands more workers into the labour movement. The AFL-CIO is working with labour organizations such as Working America and the Ironworkers International union.
Duration: 8'58"     Audio

Why European unions are fighting
government austerity programmes

ETUC demo On March 14, 2013 the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) held a demonstration of 15,000 in Brussels to protest the austerity programmes of European governments. A RadioLabour interview with Patrick Ischert, the ETUC's Deputy General Secretary.
Duration 3' 06" Audio

Global union wins compensation
for families of Bangladesh fire

Bangladesh fire On January 6, 2013, workers at a garment factory in Bangladesh died in a fire. The global union Industriall negotiated monetary compensation for the families of the victims. Duration 10' 06" Audio

Global labour body supports unionizing drive at T-Mobile in US

Pavanelli T-Mobile workers receive support from the General-Secretary of the International Trade Union Confederation, Sharan Burrow Duration: 2' 03" Audio


Hey Amazon!
Workers aren't robots!

Hey Amazon! Workers aren't robots! At its 2014 global Congress the International Trade Union Confederation - the ITUC - declared Jeff Bezos, the CEO of, the worst boss in the world because of the way his company treats its workers. A Special RadioLabour report on how the workers are fighting back with the help of global unions.
Duration: 7'12"     Audio

LIDL-Poland refuses to bargain
and fires unionists

Lidl-Poland fires two unionists One of the largest supermarket chains in Europe, Lidl, is also one of the most viciously anti-union. In Poland it is refusing to negotiate seriously with a local union of Solidarnosc. It has fired two of the local union's leaders.
Duration: 14'15"     Audio

Auto Workers Union forms local
at US Volkswagen factory

Union at US Volkswagen plant The United Auto Worker (UAW) union in the US has formed a local at the Volkswagen plant in the anti-union state of Tennessee. Volkswagen is encouraging the unionization of the 3,200 workers.
Duration: 2'12"     Audio

Bangladesh fails to implement
sufficient labour reforms

Bangladesh labour reforms A report by labour organizations on promises by Bangladesh to improve conditions for garment workers shows that the country has not been doing enough.
Duration: 2'12"     Audio

Hundreds of migrant workers
in Qatar evicted from homes

Migrant workers in Qatar Security police in Qatar have evicted hundreds of migrant workers from their homes to make way for a luxury housing complex. The workers are now living in the streets in very high heat.
Duration: 4'30"     Audio

South Korean health care workers
strike against privatization

South Korean health care The South Korean government is planning to allow non-profit hospitals to create for-profit subsidiaries. Labour organizations say this is a major step towards privatizing the health care sector.
Duration: 4'30"     Audio

World Public Services Day

World Public Services Day Monday June 23: World Public Services Day. All around the world governments are attacking public services and the workers who help supply them. As well, a number of international trade agreements are jeopardizing the right of governments to provide public services instead of corporations.
Duration: 5'00"     Audio

European unions to protect
migrant workers from
far-right parties

Far right parties In elections to the European Parliament, May 2014, a number of very right-wing parties won a substantial number of seats. The rise of these far right parties is causing concern amongst unionists in the region.
Duration: 5'00"     Audio

International Day
Against Child Labour

Child Labour Special Report: World Day Against Child Labour. There are about 168 million child labourers in the world. 85 million of them are in hazardous work. They need protection.
Duration: 5'00"     Audio

ITUC Global Rights Index
shows workers' rights
often violated

Global Rights Index A new Global Rights Index produced by the International Trade Confederation shows that corporations, using their power over governments, are attempting a co-ordinated global attack on workers’ rights, including the right to strike.
Duration: 5'52"     Audio

Employers at ILO
deny international right to strike

Right to Strike The employers group at the ILO is arguing that there is no international right to strike. The ITUC - has responded with the legal arguments proving that the right has existed for years.
Duration: 6'10"     Audio

Corporate birds of prey
circling public education

Privatizing Education Giant multinationals such as Pearson and Berlitz are trying to privatize or commercialize educational systems. This poses a serious threat to quality education world-wide. A RadioLabour feature presentation.
Duration: 6'10"     Audio

Sharon Burrow re-elected
ITUC General-Secretary

ITUC Congress The third global Congress of the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) was held in Berlin, May 19 to 23. The delegates adopted an action plan for the next four years. Sharon Burrow was re-elected General-Secretary.
Duration: 5'00"     Audio

Jyrki Raina
Supporting Bangladesh garment workers

Jyrki Raina Jryki Raina the General Secretary of IndustriALL spoke to delegates attending the ITUC convention about organizing support for garment workers in Bangladesh.
Duration: 5'23"     Audio

Philip Jennings:
Labour working together to win

Philip Jennings Philip Jennings the General Secretary of UNI - the global union for skills, services and commerce - spoke to delegates attending the ITUC convention about how to organize workers and support their unions.
Duration: 5'23"     Audio

Stephen Cotton:
Organize across the global supply chain!

Stephen Cotton Stephen Cotton, the Acting General Secretary of the International Transport Workers Federation (the ITF) spoke to delegates attending the ITUC convention about organizing workers throughout the global supply chain.
Duration: 5'23"     Audio

ITUC releases global poll

Massimo Frattini At its Congress in Berlin the ITUC released a global poll showing that working people fear for their jobs. They want employment, equality, action on climate change, respect for workers rights and more. A presentation by ITUC General-Secretary Sharon Burrow.
Duration: 5'23"     Audio

We`ll organize 20 million!

ITUC Congress On the official opening day of the ITUC Congress in Berlin the ITUC's General-Secretary Sharon Burrow reported to the delegates on the activities of the Confederation in the past four years and presented an action agenda for the next four years.
Duration: 36'23"     Audio

Global union calls
Turkey mine disaster
"industrial homicide

Turkey mine disaster The global union IndustriALL has condemned the deaths of more than 200 miners in Turkey on May 13, 2014 a deliberate act of industrial killing.
Duration: 5'23"     Audio

World-wide rallies in support of
US fast food workers

Massimo Frattini On May 15, 2014 while fast food workers in the US were demonstrating and striking for a higher minimum wage, rallies to support them were held in 33 countries around the world. The global rallies were organized by the International Union of Foodworkers - the IUF.
Duration: 5'23"     Audio

Napoleón Gómez Urrutia awarded
Arthur Svensson Prize
for trade union rights

Napoleón Gómez Urrutia Napoleón Gómez Urrutia, the president of the Mexican mineworkers union, Los Mineros, has won the 2014 Arthur Svensson International Prize for trade union rights.
Duration: 5'23"     Audio

"Leftist" Ecuador attacks unions

Ecuador The supposedly leftist government of Ecuador has been attacking public service unions and jailing labour leaders.
Duration: 3'50"     Audio

Unions are key to fighting economic inequality

Jennings At a forum of the OECD May 5 and 6, 2014, delegates were told by the General-Secretary of UNI global union, Philip Jennings, that respect for union rights is a primary solution to economic inequality.
Duration: 4'21"     Audio

May Day 2014
Workers fight back

May Day How unions around the world are fighting for labour rights and social justice. A RadioLabour interview with the General-Secretary of the International Trade Union Confederation, Sharan Burrow.
Duration: 3'18"     Audio

World Press Freedom Day

Health & Safety May 3, 2014 is International Press Freedom Day - a day established by the United Nations to recognize the importance of media freedom in the world and the need to protect journalists and other media workers. A RadioLabour interview with the president of the International Federation of Journalists, Jim Boumelha.
Duration: 3'18"     Audio

Women especially hard hit by lack of health and safety regulations

Health & Safety Lack of respect for health and safety is why unions organized more events on the International Day to Commemorate Dead and Injured workers than ever before.
Duration: 11'30"     Audio

How global labour unions fought
to help the victims of Bangladesh's Rana Plaza disaster

Rana Plaza On April 24, 2013, a garment factory building in the Rana Plaza near Dhaka, Bangladesh collapsed. 1,129 were killed. More than 2,500 were injured.
Duration: 11'30"     Audio

New trade agreement threatens public services world-wide

TISA A trade agreement which will effect much of the world's trade is being negotiated in secret in Geneva. The Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) will severely restrict government provision of services.
Duration: 1'55"     Audio

Displaced workers in India
exploited by Ferrero
chocolate company

Ferrero workers The International Union of Foodworkers (IUF) is campaigning globally in support of 1,400 workers employed by the multinational company Ferrero in India.
Duration: 1'32"     Audio

Increased number of
unions in Burma

Burma unions There are now more than 1,000 unions in Burma but much more needs to be done, especially for women in the northern regional areas.
Duration: 4'08"     Audio

Unions struggle for decent
working conditions in Malawi

Malawi Robert Mkwezalamba, the General-Secretary of the Communication Workers Union of Malawi, describes the struggle for workers' rights in his country.
Duration: 7'00"     Audio

Kachin women in Burma
need union support

Kachin women Women in Burma's northern state of Kachin are asking for unions to help them.
Duration: 7'00"     Audio

Fighting for union rights
in Sierre Leone

Sierra Leone unions The labour movement in Sierra Leone has built itself into a powerful force for workers after a devastating civil war.
Duration: 3'20"     Audio

Mexican seasonal workers blocked
from returning to Canada

Mexican migrant workers The Mexican government has been found guilty of blocking Mexican seasonal workers from returning to Canada because they had formed a union while in Canada.
Duration: 6'09"     Audio

Fighting for democracy in Swaziland

Swaziland Swaziland is ruled by a dictator-king who has banned the central labour federation. One of the organizations fighting for the country's workers and democracy is the International Research Academy for Labour and Education.
Duration: 6'09"     Audio

Europe needs public investment

Water privatization With average unemployment in Europe over 12% the region needs public investment. A RadioLabour report with the General-Secretary of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions, David Begg
Duration: 6'10"     Audio

Stop the privatization of
public water supply

Water privatization March 22 was World Water Day. Mulitnationals are trying to privatize public water supply systems just as the world heads into a time of water scarcity.
Duration: 4'15"     Audio

Helping African migrant
workers in the UK

Migrant Workers UNISON - one of the largest unions in the UK - has many African migrant workers amongst its membership. It organized a seminar to help some of these workers overcome isolation and learn about their rights.
Duration: 4'15"     Audio

Women transporting the world

Women transport workers The International Transport Workers Federation is campaigning for the rights of women transport workers globally.
Duration: 4'15"     Audio

South Korea - Canada trade deal
to cost thousands of jobs

South Korea - Canada trade deal South Korea and Canada have negotiated a trade deal which the Canadian union representing auto workers says will cost 30,000 jobs.
Duration: 8'20"     Audio

UN's 58th Status of Women Conference

UN Women's Conference Unionists are attending the 58th session of the UN's Commission on the Status of Women. The conference runs March 10 to 21, 2014.
Duration: 8'20"     Audio

ITUC fighting for women's rights

ITUC Women The International Trade Union Confederation is fighting for women workers all around the world.
Duration: 8'20"     Audio

Qatar Airways flight attendants
being cruelly mistreated

Qatar flight attendants The International Transport Workers Federation is campaigning to help the flight attendants at Qatar Airways.
Duration: 4'34"     Audio

Ukrainian unions want the
revolution to serve workers

Ukraine Ukrainian unions want the new government to provide better rights, working conditions and jobs for workers.
Duration: 1'32"     Audio

Africa needs stronger unions

African unions To develop economically and socially Africa needs stronger unions was the message coming out of a conference of 60 labour leaders held in Nairobi, Kenya. A special RadioLabour report.
Duration: 11'27"     Audio

World Social Justice Day

Social Justice February 20 was World Social Justice Day - a day set aside to assess the state of social justice in the world and point to ways to improve the living conditions of the world's people. A special RadioLabour report.
Duration: 4'41"     Audio

US auto workers' union
loses major vote at
Volkswagen factory

UAW-US The United Auto Workers (UAW) in the US lost a major unionization drive at a Volkswagen plant in the state of Tennessee. A special RadioLabour report on why the workers voted against themselves.
Duration: 5'00"     Audio

Labour calls for Robin Hood tax

Robin Hood tax Public Services International, the global union federation which represents public employees at the world level, is calling for the implementation of a financial transaction tax, more commonly known as the Robin Hood tax. A RadioLabour interview with Rosa Pavanelli, the PSI's General Secretary.
Duration: 2'47"     Audio

Labour's use of radio

World Radio Day Labour is using radio to reach its members and the general public around the world. A RadioLabour report prepared for World Radio Day.
Duration: 3'32"     Audio

Labour rallies to support
Cambodian garment workers

Cambodian garment workers A ten-day strike by 350,000 garment workers in Cambodia was brutally suppressed on January 3, 2014. Five workers were killed and many injured. Twenty-one workers remain in jail.
Duration: 5'47"     Audio

Huge victory for unions trying
to organize DHL workers

DHL organizing The large multinational courier company DHL has been told to respect the guidelines for multinational corporations established by the OECD. The result is a greater chance for DHL employees world-wide to form unions of their choice.
Duration: 4'24"     Audio

Call centre workers in Philippines
call out for justice

Call Centres The Philippines has the largest call centre industry in the world with almost one million workers. Often these workers are mistreated by unscrupulous employers who hold back wages or disappear in the night without paying the workers. A RadioLabour report by Benjamin Velasco.
Duration: 3'30"     Audio

Justice and safety for
women transport workers

Corruption The International Transport Workers Federation - the ITF - has started a global campaign to fight for justice and safety for women transport workers. The campaign and its action plan was initiated at a conference of 270 ITF women transport workers in Delhi, India.
Duration: 6'10"     Audio

Trillions lost to corruption globally

Corruption The European Union has released a report saying that corruption in the region is "breathtaking". Globally, corruption steals 1.6 trillion dollars - money which could be used for improving public services and education.
Duration: 6'10"     Audio

Labour tells World Economic Forum
a global jobs plan is needed

World Economic Forum More than 2,500 corporate and government leaders met at the World Economic Forum in Davos Switzerland January 22-25. Labour leaders told them that the world needs a global plan to create more jobs.
Duration: 6'10"     Audio

Capitalism causes global poverty

Reduce global poverty Not only is capitalism unable to alleviate global poverty, it may actually cause it. An RadioLabour interview with Benjamin Selwyn.
Duration: 6'55"     Audio

More unions needed
to reduce global poverty

Reduce global poverty More and stronger unions are needed to relieve poverty, especially in the global south. A RadioLabour interview with the General Secretary of ITUC-Africa, Kwasi Adu-Amankwah.
Duration: 4'08"     Audio

Swedish model agreement
for global Games

Games model agreement Too often global games such as the Olympics are built on the exploitation of workers and their rights. The central labour federation LO-Sweden has worked with the Swedish Olympic committee to develop a model agreement that could be used by unions and sport committees around the world.
Duration: 6'10"     Audio

Philippine workers want decent work after Typhoon Haiyan

Philippines Workers in the Philippines are demanding decent work as the country recovers from a typhoon that killed 6,000 and dislocated thousands more.
Duration: 3'06"     Audio

WTO deal does not help
developing countries

WTO deal In early December, 2013, 159 nations meeting at a conference of the World Trade Organization - the WTO - signed a major agreement. But labour leaders were disappointed because the deal did not address important problems such as agricultural subsidies.
Duration: 4'33"     Audio

Millions of migrants need
decent work and public services

Migrants There are 232 million migrants in the world. Many are living and working in horrible conditions. A special RadioLabour series on migrant workers and their families.
Duration: 4'33"     Audio

No trade deals with Guatemala
until killing of unionists stops

Guatemala - PSI Guatemala is one of the most dangerous countries in the world for unionists. Public Services International (PSI) recently sent a delegation to investigate abuses of union and labour rights in the country.
Duration: 4'33"     Audio

International Human Rights Day

Human Rights December 10 is International Human Rights Day - a day set aside by the United Nations to recognize the struggle for human rights - including labour rights - around the world. A RadioLabour interview with Stephen Benedict, the Director of the Human and Trade Union Rights Department of the ITUC.
Duration: 8'09"     Audio

Fighting for rights against
a giant Canadian mining corporation

Mexico miners Miners and communal landowners in Durango Mexico are fighting a giant Canadian multinational, Excellon, as it ignores environmental standards and labour rights. Police are supporting the company by harassing the workers and the communal landowners.
Duration: 4'16"     Audio

Unions fight for Fire and Safety Accord in Bangladesh

Safety Accord The global union federations IndustriALL and UNI have got 116 garment retailers to sign a Fire and Safety Accord for Bangladesh garment factories. Now the Accord has to be implemented in the country's 5,000 garment factories.
Duration: 3'13"    
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The Daily Newscasts
July 21 to July 25, 2014

Thursday Thai company persecuting labour researcher / Half of child labourers employed in the worst forms / US labour federation campaigns for farm tobacco workers / Teacher unions win major victory at UN

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WednesdayFirst democratic union vote in China / Cooperatives can help world's 168 million child labourers / Global transport union sends food and medicine to Gaza

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TuesdayUnionists at international AIDS conference in Australia / ITUC Calls for ceasefire in Gaza and end to blockade / US Labour Board investigates McDonald's anti-unionism / Long-running struggle by Cambodian garment workers ends

5 mins

MondayBangladesh not doing enough for garment workers / Unions to mark anniversary of schoolgirl kidnappings in Nigeria / Protests in Serbia against government labour law reforms / Talks held in huge metalworkers strike in South Africa

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* No equal pay for at least 75 years says Oxfam
* VW workers in US keep up unionization fight
* European supermarket LIDL fires Polish unionists
* Ebola is killing African health care workers
* The LabourStart Report

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The LabourStart Report
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Blackadder Every Friday Derek Blackadder reports on the latest activities of LabourStart - the labour movement's news and campaigning service.

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Union for public service workers in the UK

Labour's alternatives to government austerity programmes

Pavanelli Government austerity programmes are worsening the global economic crisis. Rosa Pavanelli is the General-Secretary of Public Services International (PSI). She outlines the effects austerity programmes are having on national economies and presents the labour movement's alternatives. Duration: 9' 58" Audio

The harmful effects of a
Canada-EU trade agreement

Paul Moist Canada and the European Union are negotiating a free trade deal called the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement - CETA. The deal could have serious effects on the cost of pharmaceuticals in Canada and how local governments buy goods and services. A RadioLabour interview with the President of the Canadian Union of Public Employees, Paul Moist. Audio

Labour gets 1 million signatures to stop water privatization

Water referendum The European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU) has led a successful campaign to force Europe to protect the public supply of water. Audio

Why the right-wing is attacking public employee unions in the United States

Booth In the past couple of years the attacks on public employee unions in the United States has intensified. Paul Booth is a long-time union activist and now Executive Assistant to the president of AFSCME - the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees. Audio

A successful 20 year fight to
unionize Rio Tinto in Australia

Rio Tinto Workers Twenty years ago the mining and smelting multinational, Rio Tinto, busted the union at its operations in Tasmania. But the Australian Workers Union never gave up. And now the workers have voted to re-join the union. Audio

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