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The RadioLabour
World Report

▶ A RadioLabour Special Report ▶ National debts at dangerous levels ▶ 47% of lower-income countries in jeopardy ▶ Workers and their unions will be victimized
15'00" mins


Thursday Migrants in Lebanon need decent work / International labour is trying to help

5 mins


Wednesday Labour calls for changes to global rules / Supply chains hide horrendous work practices

5 mins


Tuesday Precarious work growing around the world / How to control the global supply chains / Chinese projects don't transfer skills to workers

5 mins


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The RadioLabour World Report

Friday September 20, 2019

Friday ▶ Protecting workers with just transition green economies ▶ How unions around the world supported young people in their climate strikes ▶ What teachers are doing to confront the climate emergency ▶ The LabourStart Report about union events ▶ And rappin': 'We Shall Not be Moved"
15'00" mins

Interviews and
featured programmes

Why historic debt levels
are dangerous for workers

Daniel Bertossa Sovereign debt levels around the world have dramatically risen, partly because of corporate lobbying. An interview with Daniel Bertossa, Assistant General Secretary of Public Services International.

Duration: 8'15"
Web Page

Labour's fight for
green economies

Samantha Smith Why labour is concerned about climate change and the need for a just transition for workers. An interview with the Director of the Just Transition Centre, Samantha Smith.

Duration: 11'44"
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Lab-grown meat and unions

Elisabeth Abergel The food industry has started to market lab-grown meat and other proteins such as fish and dairy. An interview with Elisabeth Abergel who helped produce a study for the IUF global union

Duration: 7'19"
Web Page

Right-wing attack on democracy

Makbule Sahan The ITUC's 2019 Global Rights Index shows that democracy is under attack. An interview with the Director of the ITUC's Legal Unit, Makbule Sahan.

Duration: 5'16"
Web Page

Caging refugee children
in US must end

Caged Children Children at the US-Mexico border are being separated from their parents and caged. Unions say this must end immediately.

Duration: 5'09"
Web Page

How and why to ratify
ILO Convention 190

Marie Clarke Walker Unions lobby for ratification of ILO Convention 190 Against Violence and Harassment at Work. An interview with Marie Clarke Walker.

Duration: 5'46"
Web Page

Gym and fitness employees
want healther jobs

Larry Savage A new survey shows that gym and fitness workers want better working conditions. An interview with Larry Savage.

Duration: 8'30"
Web Page

Things get even worse for Zimbabwe's workers

Barbara Gwangwara-Tanyanyiwa Conditions for workers in Zimbabwe are growing worse. An interview with the President of the Commercial Workers' Union of Zimbabwe, Barbara Gwangwara-Tanyanyiwa.

Duration: 9'15"
Web Page

How Canada saved
the ILO from the Nazis

Adelle Blackett In 1940 Canada saved the ILO from the Nazis. An interview with McGill University professor Adelle Blackett.

Duration: 9'18"
Web Page

Bangladesh Accord extended

Jenny Holdcroft The Bangladesh Building and Fire Safety Accord will be extended to allow for the establishment of a new arrangement. An interview with IndustriALL Deputy General Secretary Jenny Holdcroft.

Duration: 7'31"
Web Page

Journalism in
the digital age

IFJ The International Federation of Journalists held its 30th Congress in Tunis, June 11-14, 2019. An interview with IFJ Deputy General Secretary, Jeremy Dear.
Duration: 5'58"
Web Page

ACT now for decent
garment worker wages

Frank Hoffer A unique partnership between global unions and companies called ACT is aimed at helping workers in the garment industries win decent wages. An interview with ACT Executive Director, Frank Hoffer.
Duration: 4'48"
Web Page

Labour leads way
on climate change
in New Zealand

Sam Huggard At a climate change conference in New Zealand labour unions called for a Just Transition for workers to sustainable jobs. An interview with the Secretary of the New Zealand Council of Trade Unions, Sam Huggard.
Duration: 5'48"
Web Page

Malawi unions
fighting child labour

Denis Chalera Kalekeni The Malawi Congress of Trade Unions has been successfully working against child labour and helping informal workers. An interview with MCTU Secretary General Denis Chalera Kalekeni.
Duration: 9'16"
Web Page

Artificial intelligence
replacing teachers

Anna Hogan A report prepared for Education International warns that artifical intelligence poses serious concerns for student privacy and the number of teachers. An interview with the report's co-author, Anna Hogan.
Duration: 7'38"
Web Page

Why a new social
contract is needed

Noonan Millions will be worse off if a new social contract between governments, employers and unions is not negotiated. An interview with the Director of Communications for the International Trade Union Confederation, Tim Noonan
Duration: 4'38"
Web Page

Google employees protest
in support of temp workers

Hoffman 900 Google employees signed a letter protesting the working conditions of temporary, vender and contract workers employed by the company. An interview with UNI Global Union General-Secretary, Christy Hoffman.
Duration: 6'52"
Web Page

'Free Lula!' events
held in 30 countries

Lulaa April 7, 2019 is the one-year anniversary of the imprisonment of former Brazilian president Lula. Events demanding his release were held in 30 countries. An interview with ITUC General-Secretary Sharan Burrow.
Duration: 4'43"
Web Page

Millions in Lebanese
refugee camps need
decent public services

PSI Public Services International and Swedish unions have partnered to raise awareness about the humanitarian crisis in Lebanon. More than two million refugees need quality public services and decent work.
Duration: 4'54"
Web Page

Honda closing auto plant in UK

Steve Turner Honda has announced the closing of its plant in Swindon, England, with the loss of thousands of jobs. Comments by UNITE's Assistant General Secretary for Manufacturing, Steve Turner
Duration: 4'40"
Web Page

How the global transport
union is renewing itself

Stephen Cotton The International Transport Workers' Federation is renewing itself to better represent its 18 million members. An interview with ITF General Secretary Stephen Cotton.
Duration: 9'17"
Web Page

African countries need
quality, public, education

Angelo Gavrielatos Unions in Africa are fighting for quality, public, edcational systems against for-profit education corporations. An interview with Education International Project Director, Angelo Gavrielatos
Duration: 5'12"
Web Page

UK unions object
to no-deal Brexit

Francis O'Grady British labour wants no-deal Brexit off the table. Unions want guarantees for workers' rights. Comments by the General Secretary of the British Trades Union Congress, Francis O'Grady
Duration: 4'45"
Web Page

A solution to
authoritarian populism

David Edwards A primary solution to crises such as authoritarian populism is to support unionized teachers. An interview with the General Secretary of Education International, David Edwards
Duration: 4'45"
Web Page

ILO wage report:
Women still 20% behind men

ILO Global Wage Report The ILO has released its 2018-18 Global Wage Report which shows a "Mother Penalty" and a "Father Premium"
Duration: 4'37"

Web Page

Garment industry needs
to work with global unions

Jenny Holdcroft Problems for workers in the garment producing industries can only be solved by companies working with unions. Jenny Holdcroft, an Assistant General-Secretary of IndustriALL global union, comments.
Duration: 11'21"
Web Page

Global action for hotel workers

Massimo Frattini Hotel workers are fighting for decent work, safety, and protection from sexual harassment. An interview with the IUF's Coordinator of the Hotel, Restuarant and Tourism sectors, Massimo Frattini.
Duration: 6'33"
Web Page

Mitsubishi trying to
break union in Thailand

Mitsubishi Thailand After locking out 1,700 employees at its Electric plant in Thailand Mitsubishi humiliated the workers and refused to re-instate 29 workers.
Duration: 14'04"

Web Page

Flilipino domestic workers
deserve decent work

Julius Cainglet Millions of domestic workers from the Philippines work around the world. They deserve decent wages and working conditions. An interview with Julius Cainglet, vice-president of the Federation of Free Workers of the Philippines.
Duration: 10'52"
Web Page

The world needs
more qualified teachers

David Edwards As the world faces ever increasing complex problems it needs more qualified teachers says the General-Secretary of Education International, David Edwards.
Duration: 5'35"
Web Page

COSATU's first woman
president says: Unite!

Zingiswa Losi
COSATU's first woman president, Zingiswa Losi, calls for worker unity towards socialism.

Duration: 5'54"
Web Page

World faces shortage
of qualified teachers

Education International An Education International report shows poor wages and working conditions for teachers and a worldwide shortage of qualified teachers. An interview with EI Research coordinator, Martin Henry.
Duration: 13'15"
Web Page

Thousands of people of colour
in the UK face deportation

Zita Holbourne Thousands of people in the UK who were invited from the Caribbean and other regions to help with post-War reconstruction are in danger of being deported. An interview with Zita Holbourne, the chair of Black Activists Rising Against Cuts (BARAC UK).
Duration: 10'57"
Web Page

Gender pay equity by 2030

EPIC The Equal Pay Coalition (EPIC) is a group of unions, governments, NGOs and companies which is trying to win gender pay equity by 2030.
Duration: 4'55"
Web Page

British Trades Union Congress
wants final vote on Brexit

Frances O'Grady The General Secretary of the British Trades Union Congress, Frances O'Grady, has called on the UK government to allow a parliamentary or referendum vote if the final Brexit deal is bad for workers.
Duration: 4'52"
Web Page

Labour tells G20
to focus on decent work

Pierre Habbard At a meeting with the G20 employment ministers the L20 labour group told them to create sustainable, decent, work. An interview with the General Secretary of the Trade Union Advisory Committee of the OEDC, Pierre Habbard
Duration: 7'39"
Web Page

Migrant workers in Qatar
can now leave employer

Qatari migrant workers In a major blow against the "kafala" system migrant workers in Qatar will be allowed to leave the country without getting permission from their employer.
Duration: 4'37"
Web Page

New World Bank rules
for decent work and unions

Leo Baunach The World Bank has created a new set of rules for borrowers which promote decent work and labour unions. An interview with the Research Officer of the ITUC/Global Unions Washington Office, Leo Baunach.
Duration: 8'49"

US Supreme Court attacks
public employee unions

Janus The US Supreme Court has hit public employee unions a major blow with the cancellation of fees unions can charge work-place non-union members for negotiation expenses.

Duration: 4'41"

Zimbabwe unions want
improved labour laws

Vimbai Zinyama Zimbabwe is militarizing and growing even more anti-union. An interview with Vimbai Zinyama, External Relations Officer for the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions.

Duration: 7'54"

Iraq refusing to
apply new labour law

Korea Goda The Iraqi Ministry of Labour is refusing to implment a Parliament-adopted new labour law. An interview with Korea Goda, a representative of the General Federation of Iraqi Trade Unions.

Duration: 6'40"

Workers in Grenada need
long-term, decent, jobs

Andre Lewis Grenada needs more employment opportunities and protection from the effects of climate change. An interview with the President General of the Grenada Technical and Allied Workers Union, Andre Lewis.

Duration: 6'24"

The world deserves
decent public services

Pavanelli Well-funded, quality public services are in jeopardy. An interview with the General Secretary of Public Services International, Rosa Pavanelli.

Duration: 4'50"

Steelworkers fight US tariffs
on EU, Canada and Mexico

Ken Neumann Unions are fighting tariffs imposed by the US. An interview with Ken Neumann, National Director for Canada for the United Steelworkers union - the USW.

Duration: 11'15"

Unions bring unprecedented court action against
EU Commission

Goudriaan The EU Commission is refusing to bring forward to the European Council of member states a social dialogue agreement made by the unions and employers. An interview with the General Secretary of the European Public Service Union, Jan Willem Goudriaan.

Duration: 5'34"

Tripartite cooperation
in Singapore

Tay How unions, employers and governments cooperate on the economy in Singapore. An interview with Patrick Tay, Executive Secretary of the Singapore Manual and Mercantile Workers' Union.
Duration: 4'41"

Education is more
than just testing

David Edwards The global union Education International is fighting privatized and test-based education. An interview with EI General Secretary David Edwards.
Duration: 4'46"

Trade in Services Agreement

Jane Kelsey A huge trade deal called TiSA is being negotiated by governments and corporations in secret. An interview with Dr. Jane Kelsey author of an IUF report about TiSA.
Duration: 13'22"

Unions at Alternative
World Water Forum

World Water Forum Stopping the corporations from stealing the world's water systems. An interview with PSI Deputy General Secretary David Boys.

Duration: 8'32"

Automation may hit
transportation hardest

Automation The International Transport Workers Federation is not fighting automation. It's fighting poverty-level wages.

Duration: 4'16"

Stopping illicit financial
flows out of Africa

Caroline Khamati Mugalla Labour unions are fighting illicit financial flows which steal billions from African economies. A RadioLabour interview with Caroline Khamati Mugalla, the Executive Secretary of the East Africa Trade Union Confederation
Duration: 7'28"

Millions of migrants enslaved

Eni Lestari The International Migrants' Alliance is trying to help the world's 230 million migrant workers. A presentation by Alliance chairperson Eni Lestari.
Duration: 9'46"

Empowering black workers
in the United Kingdom

Zita Holbourne Black Activists Rising Against the Cuts (Barac)is fighting the effects of austerity on people of colour in the UK. A presentation by Zita Holbourne, a VP of the Public and Commercial Services Union and a co-founder of Barac
Duration: 4'43"

Fighting for-profit
schools in Africa

Bridge International The Ugandan government ordered the for-profit education corporation Bridge International Academies to close its schools in the country. Bridge refused.

Duration: 4'56"

UK's National Health System
in severe underfunding crisis

Mark Serwotka
The NHS in the UK is severely underfunded so unions have called for a massive demo on February 3, 2018. A RadioLabour interview with Mark Serwotka, the General Secretary of PCS - the Public and Commercial Services union.

Duration: 5'08"

Fighting sexual harassment
in workplaces and unions

Sexual Harassment Sexual harassment in workplaces and unions must end. The AFL-CIO's anti-harassment programme for US labour.

Duration: 4'39"

Education International's
25th anniversary

EI-25th The world's largest global union, Education International, is celebrating its 25th anniversary. A RadioLabour interview with EI's founding General-Secretary, Fred VanLeeuwen.

Duration: 6'29"

World's largest cement company reneges on global agreement

LafargeHolcim In 2017 LafargeHolcim agreed to sign a global agreement to respect workers' rights. But in 2018 it refused to sign the agreement with IndustriALL and the Building and Woodworkers International.
Duration: 3'15"

Billions being stolen
from Africa

Odigie Billions are being stolen from African economies. A RadioLabour interview with Joel Akhator Odigie, the Coordinator of Human and Trade Union Rights of ITUC-Africa.
Duration: 9'07"

How to fight for
human rights in corporations

Hoffman More needs to be done to ensure respect for human rights in corporations. A RadioLabour report featuring the Deputy General-Secretary of UNI global union, Christy Hoffman.
Duration: 4'43"

Stop violence against women

Violence Against Women The labour movement is participating in a global campaign to eliminate violence against women.
Duration: 4'29"

Santander fights unionization
in the US but not UK

Santander While the financial giant Santander works well with unions in the UK it is viciously fighting the unionization of its workers in the US.
Duration: 4'36"

Driverless trucks and job loss

Mac Urata The advent of autonomous trucks will result in million of job losses. An interview with Mac Urata of the International Transport Workers Federation.
Duration: 5'00"

Young people in Caribbean
need decent work

Dionne Howard The 2017 ILO conference was told that young people in the Caribbean need decent jobs by Dionne Howard, an Industrial Relations Officer with the Barbados Workers' Union.
Duration: 6'22"

Respect for workers' rights
and green jobs

Stephen Cotton Stephen Cotton, General Secretary of the International Transport Workers Federation, told ILO conference delegates workers need green economies and a just transition.
Duration: 4'30"

COTU-Kenya wants a just transition to greener economies

COTU-Kenya At the International Labour Organization's conference in Geneva the president of Kenya's Central Organization of Trade Unions, Francis Atwoli, called for a just transition for workers while countries react to climate change.
Duration: 3'55"

Is suicide increasing
amongst seafarers?

Climate The International Transport Workers Federation, the ITF, has been hearing more about suicides amongst seafarers and so it is embarking on a major study to determine the extent of the problem. A report featuring Kimberly Karlshoej the head of the ITF's Seafarers Trust
Duration: 4:10"

International day against
discrimination of LGBT people

LGBT How LGBT people are discriminated against in the workplace
Duration: 4'43"

VW turns viciously anti-union
in US southern state

VW Before it was caught cheating on emissions Volkswagen supported the right of workers at its Chattanooga, US, plant to unionize with the United Autoworkers (UAW). Now it's turned viciously anti-union.
Duration: 5'21"

Organizing community
union chapters

John Akman Community chapters are key to union growth. A RadioLabour interview with the Director of Organizing at Canada's UNIFOR union, John Aman.
Duration: 5'00"

Community organizing
key to union growth

Sam Huggard Engaging with workers in the community can help unions recruit new members. A RadioLabour report featuring the Secretary of the New Zealand Council of Trade Unions, Sam Huggard.
Duration: 6'13"

Health care is
a basic human right

Rosa Pavanelli The global union Public Services International has started a campaign aimed at promoting universal public health coverage for all. A RadioLabour interview with PSI General-Secretary Rosa Pavanelli
Duration: 3'50"

Attacks on union and
democratic rights in Turkey

Kemal Özkan A hundred thousand teachers, public workers and others have been fired in Turkey. Trade unionists are being attacked as terrorists. A RadioLabour interview with Kemal Özkan, Assistant General Secretary of IndustriALL global union.
Duration: 5'00"

Trump attacks
fundamental human rights

 Randi Weingarten The president of the American Federation of Teachers, Randi Weingarten warns that the policies of US President Donald Trump are attacks on fundamental human rights.
Duration: 6'29"

International support for
fired Yemeni oil workers

Espen Løken The Norway-based company DNO has illegally fired 175 Yemeni workers without pay. A RadioLabour interview with Espen Løken, the head of secretariat of Norway's Industri Energi.
Duration: 4'05"

Landmark ruling against
slavery in the Americas

Sharan Burrow The Inter-American Court on Human Rights has ordered Brazil to compensate 125 workers who were treated as slaves. A RadioLabour report with ITUC General-Secretary, Sharan Burrow.
Duration: 2'51"

Labour unions and
artificial intelligence

Christina Colclough Artificial intelligence is quickly entering our workplaces. An interview with Christina Colclough, the Director of Platform and Agency Workers, Digitalisation and Trade at UNI Global Union.
Duration: 18'48"
Web Page

Solidarity with Palestinians

Palestine November 29 is the International Day to Support the Palestinian People. Many unions conducted solidarity events
Duration: 5'00"

Chinese companies need to respect worker rights in Africa

Crecentia Mofokeng While Chinese corporations spend billions in Africa unions are demanding respect for worker rights. An interview with the Regional Representative for Africa and Middle East of the Building and Woodworkers International, Crecentia Mofokeng.
Duration: 8'45"
Web Page

Mozambique not recognizing
country's public sector union

Mozambique's SNAP The government of Mozambique is stopping a public sector union from forming. An interview with Tichaona Fambisa, Project Coordinator for Southern Africa, Public Services International.

Duration: 7'10"

150th year anniversary
of the world's first
Trades Union Congress

Frances O'Grady 150 years ago workers in the UK formed the British Trades Union Congress to fight for the rights of working men and women. An interview with the General Secretary of the TUC, Frances O'Grady.

Duration: 4'54"

How the labour movement
was weakened by the right-wing

Trumka The president of the AFL-CIO in the United States, Richard Trumka, explains how the labour movement was weakened by attacks from the right wing.

Duration: 4'44"

Care economies could
create millions of jobs

Anna Lee Tuvera Creating care economies would produce millions of jobs for both women and men. A report featuring Anna Lee Tuvera, the ITUC's Gender Specialist for the Asia-Pacific region

Duration: 10'52"

Fighting for women's
rights in Swaziland

Magaula The Trade Union Congress of Swaziland is fighting to have the rights of women in Swaziland respected. An interiew with TUCOSWA representative, Girlie Magagula.
Duration: 4'41"

Climate change hits
smaller countries harder

Toni Moore Climate change is having serious effects on small island states. An interview with Toni Moore, the General Secretary of the Barbados Workers' Union.
Duration: 5'36"

Australian unions
fight domestic violence

Australian leave The Australian labour movement is demanding the government implement domestic violence leave.
Duration: 4'56"

Digital monopolies
threaten democracy

Philp Jennings Digital platforms such as Amazon, Google and Facebook are monopolies with too much power. They should be better regulated says UNI General Secretary Philip Jennings.

Duration: 4'45"

Digitalization of work
done on the backs of millions
in global supply chains

Declaration A RadioLabour interview with Valter Sanches, the General Secretary of the global union IndustriALL

Duration: 5'04"

Decent work is a UN
Sustainable Development Goal

SDGs The UN's 2030 Agenda of Sustainable Development Goals - the SDGs - include Decent Work.

Duration: 9'36"

How a union programme helps workers with mental health issues

Beth Farhat The UK's Trades Union Congress has a programme to help workers and employers address mental health issues. A report featuring Beth Farhat, the TUC's Northern Regional Secretary
Duration: 2'11"

Climate change and
the labour movement

Maité Llanos Creating sustainable economies could help build a stronger labour movement. An interview with Maité Llanos, the project co-ordinator of the Global Labour University
Duration: 5'00"

Teacher unions crucial
for building democracy

Haldis Holst Quality education is essential to fostering healthy citizenship. Interview with Haldis Holst, Deputy General Secretary, Education International
Duration: 5'00"

Labour warns against
huge trade agreement

TiSA The International Transport Workers Federation - the ITF - is campaigning to warn workers about the huge Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA).
Duration: 4'11"

Hundreds of thousand to die because of chrysotile asbestos

  Fred van Leeuwen A UN conference has again refused to list chrysotile asbestos as a dangerous substance. A RadioLabour report featuring Brian Kohler, the Director of health, safety and sustainability for the global union IndustriALL
Duration: 4'38"

All workers have the
right to join a union

Declaration The International Declaration of Human Rights declares that all workers have a right to join a union. A RadioLabour special report featuring Eleanor Roosevelt and the ITUC's General-Secretary, Sharan Burrow
Duration: 5'00"

UN told to investigate murder of Mexican student teachers

Refugees In September 2014 43 young student teachers were murdered in Mexico. Six labour organizations have jointly filed a complaint with the UN’s Human Rights Council. A RadioLabour interview with Louis Malfaro, the President of the Texas branch of the American Federation of Teachers.
Duration: 6'06"

Pray for the Dead
A Workers' Musical

Refugees Pray for the Dead- A Musical Tale of Morgues, Moguls and Mutiny, is a new play for and about workers and unions by Gene Bruskin
Duration: 2'47"

Corporation undermines education in developing countries

Refugees Bridge Interational Academies is a for-profit corporation which undermines public education in developing countries. A RadioLabour interview with Angelo Gavrielatos, the Projects Director of Education International.
Duration: 8'53"


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