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July 6 to July 10, 2015

Tuesday Iran imprisons leader of teachers’ association / How right wing is attacking US public sector unions

5 mins


Monday Greeks fight back against austerity bankers / US legal case could destroy hundreds of unions

5 mins


The RadioLabour
World Report

Friday July 3, 2015
▶ Greek unions want a referendum on debt cancelled
▶ Moving workers in developing countries to the formal economy
▶ Australian electrical union objects to China-Australian agreement
▶ The LabourStart global report
10 mins

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Interviews and
featured programmes

Attack on fair share
union fees in US

Union fees The US Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case which could have devastating effects on public sector unions. A RadioLabour interview with Elaine Bernard, the Executive Director of the Labor and Worklife Program at Harvard Law School.
Duration: 7'09"

Unions fight for
water and sanitation rights

Water Petition A coalition of European unions, NGOs and other organizations have been fighting to have water and sanitation services recognized as human rights. A RadioLabour interview with Jan Willem Goudriaan, the General-Secretary of the European Federation of Public Service Unions.
Duration 6'57"

Swaziland government
re-registers central
labour federation

Swaziland The government of Swaziland has reversed its position and registered the Trade Union Congress of Swaziland - TUCOSWA. A RadioLabour interview with TUCOSWA General-Secretary Vincent Ncongwane.
Duration 5'00"


World Public Services Day, 2015

McDonald's Public services are part of the wealth of the citizens of a country. Yet they are under attack by governments and corporations all over the world. A RadioLabour interview with the General-Secretary of Public Services International, Rosa Pavanelli.
Duration 5'00"


Labour organizations demand action on climate change

Climate change The ITUC has called on labour organizations to lobby their governments for policies aimed at a just transition to low carbon economies. A week of advocacy was called for June 1-7, 2015. ITUC General-Secretary Sharan Burrow describes "just transition" and what can be done to move towards it.
Duration: 3'00"


Asbestos again not included in list of dangerous substances

Asbestos Signatories to the Rotterdam Convention again fail to include asbestos in list of dangerous substances. Interview: Brian Kohler, Director of IndustriALL's Health, Safety and Sustainability department.
Duration: 6'49"


Global labour demands
end to slavery in Qatar

Migrant workers in Qatar Qatar is using thousands of migrant workers to build the facilities for the 2022 World Cup of Football. Interview: ITUC General-Secretary Sharan Burrow..
Duration 2'30"


East African unions working together for decent work

East African Trade Union Confederation The East African Trade Union Confederation is a coalition of labour organizations from Kenya, Uganda, Zanzibar, Rwanda and Tanzania. It fights for issues such as the protection of migrant workers. A RadioLabour interview with Francis Atwoli, the president of the Confederation.
Duration: 4'29"

Free trade deals favour corporations over public policy

Paul Moist The president of the Canadian Union of Public Employees, Paul Moist, warned delegates attending the 2015 Delegates Congress of UNISON - one of the UK's largest unions - about trade deals being negotiated in secret.
Duration 5'06"


Feature Programmes

Uber creates poverty level jobs
Duration 4'54"

BWI global union federation
charges FIFA at OECD
Duration 4'59"

Mexican government shamed into
accepting ILO law on collective bargaining
Duration 12'57"

Governments need to protect public services
and public service workers.
Duration 4'57"

Global trade deal aims at
privatizing education

McDonald's avoids paying
1 billion in European taxes

Labour's use of radio
Global Week of Action
to improve public education

Thousands march against
US-EU trade deal

Global Day of Action for lowly paid workers
Guatemala bans collective bargaining
in public sector

The LabourStart Report

Derek Blackadder

Derek Blackadder The July 3, 2015
LabourStart Report

Every Friday Derek Blackadder reports on union events around the world

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